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Essay On Enhancement Of Employee Skills


Training and development activities are often considered as investments in people and in the business. The cost of these activities, is however, listed under the “operating expenses” heading in the income statement.

Using an organization of your choice as an example, evaluate the training and development activities it offers for employees. Do you think these activities are costs or investments? In your discussion make sure to cover the following:

  • The difference between training and development (10 marks)
  • The training and development activities at the chosen organization (20 marks)
  • The benefits of the training and development program (20 marks)
  • The difference between cost and investment (10 marks)
  • The justification of the costs of these activities for upper management (return on investment) (20 marks)

Title: Essay On Enhancement Of Employee Skills
Length: 4 pages (1337 Words)
Style: Havard


Enhancement of Employee Skills

Training and development of employees have over the years been integrated into organizations’ framework that aims at equipping workers with the necessary skills requirements of their jobs and aiding their personal and career growth normally overseen by the human resource department. Training involves impacting of knowledge and skills in relation to a specific job while development is a gradually process aimed at growth for individual and organizational benefits. As much as most companies are keen in ensuring the development of their employees, other companies still perceive the practice as costly since the process of training and development takes up a considerable amount of companies fortune. However, the amount of money used in funding the activities is incomparable to the short term and future benefits and the consequences in case of failure of conducting training and development activities as it is a great determinate of the organization’s performance. Therefore, the discussion looks into training and development of people by organizations in terms of the difference in the two terms, activities associated with the practices, benefits and evaluation in regard to cost and investment with reference to AFCO Aluminum Factory based in Kuwait.


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