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Sociology 4 Pages

Essay On Cohabitation


Choose one of the following questions to answer. Your essay must be 3 to 5 pages long double spaced, 12 font.

  • Option 1: Name and describe the 4 different types of co-habitation. Amongst all co-habitators, what are the common trends in regards to age, gender, race and ethnicity, social class and religion. Is cohabitation the right thing to do? Support your answer by listing either the benefits or costs of cohabitation.
  • Option 2:  How do men and women differ in their styles of communication? List and describe the 6 types of communication problems. Give a personal example of when you have had a communication problem.
  • Option 3: What are the alternatives presented for couples who are infertile? For adoption, describe the different types that exist.
  • Option 4: What is the difference between acquaintance and date rape? List and explain the several factors that contribute to date violence and date rape. In addition, discuss the consequences of dating violence and date rape

Title: Essay On Cohabitation
Length: 4 pages (1187 Words)
Style: MLA



Types of Co-habitation

Co-habitation generally refers to the scenario in which a heterosexual couple choose to live together in a romantic relationship while choosing to remain unmarried. According to Rouse (11), there are generally four types of cohabitation and these include convenient cohabitation, trial marriage, temporary alternative to marriage and permanent alternative to marriage. A permanent alternative to marriage type of co-habitation occurs among people to whom there is no prospect of marrying. It’s common for individuals who are not legally permitted to marry, and this may include gay couples or two consenting individuals living together in an incestuous relationship. Because the option to marry is not possible in this kind of relationship, couples resort to and view this form of long-term cohabitation as a necessary union in the absence of a legally binding marriage.


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