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Essay On Childhood Obesity


Write an essay on childhood obesity, factors contributing to this issue and measures that can be taken to control it.


Title: Essay On Childhood Obesity
Length: 3 pages (921 Words)
Style: APA


Childhood Obesity

A sudden rise in childhood obesity is disturbing regardless of many health specialists. Future health problems of obese children comprise of heart illness, high blood pressure, diabetes, and raised lipid levels. This incurable illness is expensive to treat and can cause premature death. Considerable studies have shown that obese children eventually mature into obese adults. Analysis has shown poor eating habits and lack of physical exercises are the main causes of child obesity. Therefore, my primary audience is the parents who expose their children to poor feeding habits and lack of physical activity routines. My point is that child obesity is a severe problem and measures have to be taken urgently in order prevent unfortunate consequences in the future. 

Obesity is a condition of being solemnly heavy to a certain point where one’s health is affected. It is a situation where weight gain start causing serious intimidation to health. It is measured in terms of an individual’s body mass index estimated both by density and tallness. Because a child's Body mass index differs with age, distinct cut-off points have to be used to describe overweight and obese children with respect to age. Obesity amidst children has totally increased between 1995 and 2007 while the popularity of overweight has remained at identical levels. In 2007, approximately three among ten children were grouped as either overweight or


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