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Essay On Child And Sexual Abuse


Define Childhood Sexual Abuse: What is the legal definition?

How is childhood  sexual abuse described by ACS/Child Protection in New York State?

How many  children are affected?

What is the break down of female to male children who are  sexually abused?

What is the involvement of the sex-industry?

How does this relate to child prostitution?

Define Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in relation to childhood sexual abuse. What are flashbacks as it relates to childhood sexual abuse?

What are triggers as they relate to childhood sexual abuse?

What are the immediate psychological affects on children? What are the long-term psychological effects on adult survivors?

How does  survivorship from childhood sexual abuse relate to drug use, sex addiction and suicidal thoughts?

As counselor for adults sexually abused as children how would you explain good- touch versus bad touch? How would you explain personal space?

How would you explain the difference between affection and inappropriate touching? How would you handle physical contact between you and the patient/client? (5 points)

Do you think Marya (our class "patient" from the memoir we are reading) was sexually abused as a child - why or why not? If you do believe she was sexually abused as a child, what behaviors does she have that support this?

If you don't believe she was sexually abused as a child how do you explain her symptoms and behaviors? As a counselor would you or would you not try to obtain information about adult Mayra's possible sexual abuse?

If you would try to find out this information what would you do that would not hurt Mayra further? If you would not try to find out this information, what would you do if Mayra mentions it herself?


Title: Essay On Child And Sexual Abuse
Length: 3 pages (978 Words)
Style: APA


Child and Sexual Abuse

             Childhood sexual abuse refers to the persuasion, coercion, or forcing a child or a minor into engaging in sexual activities with an elder person. Although definitions may vary from field to field, childhood abuse rests on the basis of forced sexual activity for a person below the age of 17 years especially with an older person aged over 18 years or a younger person altogether. According to the ACS/Child Protection Services New York, child sexual abuse includes rape, incest, obscene sexual performance, sodomy, intercourse, fondling a child's genitals, and exposing a child to sexual activity such as lewdness or the production of pornographic materials. Any form of these activities is defined as sexual abuse and is punishable by law. According to (National Center for Victims of Crime, 2012), One out of every five girls has been sexually abused while 1 in 20 boys is a victim of sexual abuse.


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