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Ethics 2 Pages

Essay On An Ethical Question


This essay should consist of a case, a question, a clarification, and a judgment.

  1. Introduction: the case. State the facts of the case, all relevant details without judgment or commentary. 
  2. Ask the ethical question.
  3. Consider whatever precepts or prejudices prompt the question.
  4. Consider one's duty in the this matter as determined by "pure" reason, reasoning from a definition. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 
  5. Consider the consequences of the action presented in the introduction. 
  6. Make a practical judgment: having considered 3.,4. and 5. above would you or would you not do, or recommend that others do, as was done in the introduction.,

Title: Essay On An Ethical Question
Length: 2 pages (575 Words)
Style: MLA



While working at a radio station a few years back, my friend James felt the need to give back to society. He, therefore, used his weekly radio show as a platform to announce his intentions with his employer’s permission. A caller suggested that he did a toys and clothes drive for the children that would still be admitted to the local hospital during Christmas time. Therefore, James was instrumental in organizing all the logistics for the drive, and the daycare was the drop off point for all the items donated. Luckily, the cause reached a larger audience than they had anticipated, and so they got more donations than they had planned for. They, therefore, had to include homeless shelters and orphanages to their list. As they organized and prepared on what to take, James suggested that some toys be given to her daycare for the children to play with. The decision was made despite the fact that from the start, it had been clarified that all donated items would go to the less fortunate in society. After some hesitation, James eventually decided that her daycare would also get a share of the donated toys.


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