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Essay About Edwin Catmull


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Title: Essay About Edwin Catmull
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Edwin Catmull

Every field of profession has certain luminaries considered impactful and must recognize when doing anything concerning that particular field. Some of the professional luminaries tend to be very influential and powerful after introducing and inventing certain interesting things about their respective professions. Edwin Catmull is one such luminary currently celebrated and recognized in the field of computer graphics. The praise and celebration relates to his wonderful work and influence added on the field on computer graphics. Born on 31-3-1945 in Parkersburg West Virginia, Edwin Catmull grew dreaming of becoming a future film animator.  He received his education from the University of Utah, where he graduated with B.S (computer and physics sciences). Joining Utah University made him reconsider his professional career in movie industry and shifted to computer science and physics studies (Linzmayer 31).

Edwin Catmull has a wide working experience in computer science as he ever worked for Boeing Company located in Seattle in the department of computer programming. He also served in the same position at the New York Institute of Technology. The positions he served immediately after his first graduation from Utah University. In the year 1970, Edwin returned to school to further his studies and graduated again in 1974 (Linzmayer 31). While in school for his second enrolment, Edwin was one of the Ivan Sutherland’s learners. He enjoyed the class of computer drawing and animation as perfected by the Sketchpad and decided to continue with the studies to become part of the rejuvenated and inspired revolutionist in the field of computer science and graphics in particular. His love and obsession in the field of computer graphics saw him discover Z-buffering, bicubic patches and texture mapping. As demonstrated by Prince, Edward’s motivation in the field of computer science and graphic in particular, saw him make a fantastic animation of his own left hand in 1973 (21). The good nature of the animation attracted a Hollywood film producer who bought and used it in the Future world movie released in 1976.


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