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Eric Joisel


Watch “Between the Folds” Documentary (approximately 1 hour) by Vanessa Gould

Select one of the highlighted origami scholars and prepare a 2-3-page synopsis of their approach and philosophy towards origami. What is their greatest origami related accomplishment and their greatest origami puzzle/challenge/question? Think of 3-5 questions that you would like to ask them and write them down.


Title: Eric Joisel
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Eric Joisel

Origami is an ancient Japanese practice of folding paper in order to make models and objects. According to the Japanese language, Ori means fold and Kami means paper. Therefore, this translates to folding paper. Eric Joisel is one of the most celebrated Origami artists globally. His interest in art began while he was very young. For this reason, he was exposed to sculpting using wood, stone and clay. After losing his job at printing company in 1990, Eric Joisel decided to take up Origami as a full time job. Coming up with a masterpiece of his work took years and actualizing the master plan took days.


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