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Environmental Pollution Scenario Review And Summary Pollution Management


Environmental Pollution Scenario Review and Summary

You are an associate-level environmental scientist in a large urban city. The growing human population within the city increases pressure on the infrastructure and natural resources, affecting the environment. As cities expand, they cut deeper into surrounding rural areas, causing environmental problems, such as the loss of wetlands, loss of biological habitats, and air and water pollution. The high density of automobiles, factories, and commercial enterprises in urban areas adds to airborne emissions, including particulate matter, various types of oxides, and hazardous volatile compounds.

Your selected city is experiencing rapid growth in population. The City Council is worried that this pattern of population growth, combined with concerns over climate change, is beginning to create a number of negative environmental, economic, and social consequences. These include deteriorating infrastructure, increasing traffic congestion, declining air and water quality, and the loss of open space. The City Council has charged you with writing a report that will recommend measures to address the pollution issues and reduce carbon emissions.

Make decisions on the optimal measures for addressing the pollution management issue. Choose four of the following measures based on pollution reduction:

  • Pollution control legislation for point sources
  • Random emission testing
  • Encouraging alternative transportation, walking, and bicycle use
  • Promoting fuel-efficient cars
  • Establishing green spaces or urban forestry
  • Improving roads
  • Encouraging carpooling

Title: Environmental Pollution Scenario Review And Summary Pollution Management
Length: 3 pages (1000 Words)
Style: APA



With the growing need for a clean city and healthier city dwellers, this report is aimed at proposing various initiatives to clean up the air around the city and to reduce the rate of pollution in Conroe. It has illustrated the steps that need to be taken and the key contributors to the success of these plans. It has also explained how to bring everyone on board with the planned actions.


Today, development is the main goal of each and every individual. Development is equated to the infrastructural development of a place as well, the economic growth which is fueled by the business set ups and the industrial startup rates of the place. These developments however come with a price. They have a negative impact on the environmental and the social setting of a city. The case is the same for Conroe, Texas which is one of the fastest growing cities in America. This report discusses a few measures that should be put in place to ensure that the negative effects of the growing city are in check.


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