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Economics 7 Pages

Environmental Issues


What are the ethical stands on environmental issues?


Title: Environmental Issues
Length: 7 pages (1925 Words)
Style: APA


Each and every corporation that does business often faces a lot of legal and ethical challenges. Every company faces some legal issues depending on the home country, laws, and regional regulations. Ethical issues are entwined in the various local customs, legal options and the questions on how to act legally and ethically in a new environment. This essay will focus on the various kinds of ethical challenges and will offer guidance on how to act legally and ethically in any unfamiliar environment (Vickers, 1997). The various kinds of challenges include public governance, competition, corruption, and cronyism. We will discuss how the challenges relate to human right issues, social equity issues, environmental issues and the competitive market capitalism.

International law

The key features of the international law are generally simple. For instance, corporations that wish to operate internationally must be subject to the multilateral or bilateral treaties ratified by the governments involved in global trade. They also become subject to the laws of the host countries where the company plans to operate. When a company starts doing business in a foreign country, it is required to follow strictly the laws of the home nation and the host nation. Multinational Corporation that are based in United States are subject to the U.S anti-bribery, antitrust and equal employment opportunity laws (Vickers, 1997). Most of the multinational corporations operating in developing countries find that the laws and regulations of the host countries are lenient in areas relating to human right, health, and environmental protection and safety labor standards. Despite having lenient laws and regulations, the multinational corporations must follow the widely recognized standards failure to obey that can trigger local antagonism (Vickers, 1997). Antagonism is generated by the reaction from non-governmental organizations leading to the multinational corporation to reputational loss or hindering the ability of the company to operate in the host country. Another consequence of failing to adhere to the set standards is a criminal prosecution in the home country or host country. In some cases, civil lawsuits can create liability or prove to be unprofitable distractions.


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