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Endosymbiotic Theory



2. Use the knowledge gained from these exercises to answer three questions

Discuss the following questions

1. Assuming this theory is true, how has it shaped life as we know it?

2. Does the endosymbiotic theory support Darwin's theory of evolution?

3. Dr. Steven G. Gould has likened Evolution to a bush and not a tree
(we discussed this in class), how does the endosymbiotic theory support
this analogy?


Title: Endosymbiotic Theory
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Endosymbiotic Theory

Assuming this theory is true, how has it shaped life as we know it?

             Assuming that the endosymbiotic theory is true, life as we know it is as a result of endosymbiosis, for the most part. The learning exercises provide good examples in support of endosymbiosis shaping of lives. The exercise states that characteristics in mitochondria and chloroplast resemble those of free living cells while their genome resembles that of bacteria giving evidence to its origin.


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