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Egyption Revolution


Answer the following questions

  1. What were the underlying causes, economic and political, of the collapse of the Mubarak regime?
  2. What do you think the Egyptian government needs to do in order to get the economy growing again and to attract foreign capital? What are the risks to the government of taking such actions?
  3. What dangers do you see in the current trajectory of the Egyptian economy? What are the implications of these dangers for foreign companies that might consider doing business in Egypt? What do you think it would take to encourage more foreigners to visit, invest, and do business in Egypt? Would such inward investment be good for the Egyptian economy?
  4. Political risks in Egypt seem to be increasing again, and the country seems to be retreating from democracy, largely due to intervention by the military. As a manager in an international business, how would the current turmoil and political uncertainty in Egypt influence your investment decisions, and what does this mean for the future of the Egyptian economy?

Title: Egyption Revolution
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Egyptian Revolution

  [1]Mubarak reigned for 30 years in Egypt where he and his associates lined the state with a sense of invincibility for additional of three decades. At the same time as a small level of Egyptian leaders hide billions of dollars of prosperity in overseas bank financial records, those in offices or administration blocks labored for an standard of $2 a day. Activists faced the threat of indistinct confinement, agony and disappearance for political managing work. Due to these reasons, the Egyptians had long lived in fear until a sudden break in the political shield of the Mubarak government appeared when peaceful resistance collapsed in an detested government in bordering Tunisia.


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