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Effects Of Social Media On Teen Relationships


What Effects Does Social Media Have on Teen Relationships?


Title: Effects Of Social Media On Teen Relationships
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Effects of Social Media on Teen Relationships


Introduction - It explains what the term social media refers to and gives examples of it. Social media effects - This depicts the result of teens getting into social media .In this scenario, I will look at the harmful consequences of social media on teen relationships. Conclusion – this is a brief summary of the write up. It depicts whether social media is harmful to teen relationships. 


The media is an implement of communication. Social media is a societal mechanism of communication and a combination of online communications channels dedicated to community- based input, interaction, content-sharing, and cooperation. Human beings yearn for connection and belonging. The society today has greatly embraced the use of social media to satisfy the desire for interpersonal communication.

Online social networking and Internet communication are becoming outrageously trendy with adolescents and young adults. This reminds me of when we used to write letters and wait for people to call us on the home phone. I recall a time when one would get excited upon receiving a mail. Where did this excitement go to? Those were the times when having a mobile device was viewed as life-changing and a privilege. Some may call those times “good old days.” Welcome to the new generation that highly regards the Internet as the major medium of communication and has gradually killed real-life conversations. This write up seeks to analyze the major social media effects that lead to impaired interpersonal relationships among teens.


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