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Edward Snowden


Write a debate paper on Edward Snowden opposing the motion that he acted in a patriotic manner


Title: Edward Snowden
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Edward Snowden

Many of us have either read or heard the story of Edward Snowden and the role he played as a whistleblower of the activities of CIA in surveillance and snooping individuals and world leaders. Would the acts of Snowden make him a hero? I believe not. I oppose the motion because Snowden acted in ways that cannot be described patriotic.

Snowden leaked sensitive data to the US adversaries: This is an act of dishonest to the country and cannot be described as heroic. How can you be patriotic to your country by leaking the secrets of your country to its opponents? Snowden happened to seek refuge in the two countries that are most willing and are capable of harming the US interests. The countries can exploit all the details of the leaked information to their advantage. It


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