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Educational Video Games


Explain how video games can be effective learning tools within a classroom. Support your answer using comprehensive research findings.


Title: Educational Video Games
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Style: APA


Educational Video Games

Since the video game Oregon Trail was created back in 1979 as a potential way to help engage students in the classroom with the United States' history of westward expansion, school instructors started integrating video games into the classroom as an educational tool with increasing frequency (Beck). Some people, once they find out students are playing games in school, can have their doubts on whether video games can produce actual results in terms of learning. However, research findings indicate that video games have the potential to be effective learning tools for classroom use.

The idea that video games can be valuable educational tools is not a new one, but only a few studies have been done to examine whether they actually help improve academic achievement or classroom performance. Emma Blakey, PhD researcher of developmental psychology for the University of Sheffield of England remarks, "Because we know memory is a crucial cognitive skill for school learning, practice at playing games that challenge memory should, in theory, lead to improvements in classroom behavior and academic skills" (Malykhina). However, more research on the matter seems necessary to see whether that theory is correct.


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