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Economics 4 Pages

Educational Services: Universities (Naics 6113)


Read Carefully about the file I give to you, do not use the stats or examples from the paper instructions. That just gives you an idea how to write this report.

The sources must use from these 4 categories

a) Statistical sources, such as Statistics Canada

b) Official industry or company sources, such as industry and/or company websites

c) Government sources, such as Province of Manitoba websites, including those for specific government departments

d) News media sources, such as newspaper articles, online news items,


Title: Educational Services: Universities (Naics 6113)
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Educational Services: Universities in Manitoba

The Manitoba economy is sustained by several industries ranging from the aerospace industry to the educational service industry. Education services in Manitoba are often defined by the levels of study along the education system hierarchy. The system comprises of: elementary to high school; colleges and universities; private vocational institutions. Since there is no central – national – regulation body that regulates the education system in Canada, Manitoba – a province of Canada – oversees the running of its education system on a provincial level.


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