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education lesson plan/mathematics
Mathematics 2 Pages

Education Lesson Plan/Mathematics


For the final project for this course, you will choose a lesson you have taught and delve into the mathematics of the lesson topic. First you will create a “knowledge package” that describes the mathematical skills and ideas that underlie the topic. You’ll use that information as you define broad learning goals and statements of measurable evidence that the goals are being met. Finally, you’ll reflect on how these items fit together in a planning process for a new lesson.


Title: Education Lesson Plan/Mathematics
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA



Lesson Description

Probability and statistics is a broad topic with aspects such as randomization, random sequence, uncertainty, statistical dispersion, central tendency, relative frequency and statistical theories. There are many more sub-topics that would make it more involving. Therefore, the topic requires attention and concentration for a student to grasp the concepts. Approaches in mathematical theories have been incorporated into learning in mathematics from the psychological perspectives of human learning.


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