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Ed's Dilemma Case Questions


1. What are Ed’s goals in succession planning? How do you think he would prioritize them?

2. How has Niagara Paving been performing in the last few years? Is there any evidence that it has been particularly well or poorly managed?

Ed’s Dilemma: Succession Planning at Niagara Paving1 Pramodita Sharma Brian Smith


Title: Ed's Dilemma Case Questions
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Ed’s dilemma Case Questions

 After serving in the Niagara Company for so many years, Ed had plans of retiring at the age of sixty. He had confidence that the Company would be in good hands of his dedicated team of employees. In particular, Ed believed that his son Luke, who happened to be the longest-serving employee, would take over the management of the Company after him.  Ed, however, felt the need for thorough planning to facilitate smooth transition of leadership, and this is because he was too much involved in running the company. The Company has continued to perform extremely well over the past few years.


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