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Economic Circumstances On Ordinary Americans


Paper details:
For this assignment, find a current news article
(within one month) relating to the impact of our uncertain economic
circumstances on ordinary Americans. (This article should be from an
on-line newspaper -- e.g., the New York Times or Washington Post -- or
news magazine -- e.g., Newsweek or Time).

Open your commentary with a brief description of the article itself.
Then, drawing on the content of the article, address the questions: In
what ways would the themes presented in the article look familiar to an
American living 100 years ago? In what ways would they look

Please attach the URL for the article with your commentary


Title: Economic Circumstances On Ordinary Americans
Length: 1 pages (317 Words)
Style: MLA


Economic Circumstances on ordinary Americans

The article was in the New York Times newspaper, and it was under the Business Day category. The article had the title as “Leaked Fed Staff Forecast Reflects Gloomier Expectations for U.S. Economy.” Binyamin Appelbaum wrote the article on July 24, 2015. The article explains that the ordinary American will be affected by the change in the economy. From Fed officials, they leaked the information that the ordinary Americans will be affected by the plan that is yet to become implemented. The plan is to raise the interest rates before the year comes to an end, and the investor are waiting for this moment eagerly so that they can exploit the ordinary citizens. It will use the ordinary Americans because they are the ones who tend to borrow loans from financial institutions. Increase on interest rates will make them reliant because they will not borrow money from the institutions.


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