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Diversity Academic Blog


Diversity Academic Blog

For the weeks you are assigned/select, you will be asked to search the Diversity literature and refereed journals for an article that you will comment

You will complete one blogs and respond to two posts.  You will need to locate a strong scholarly article

Search topic about Multi-Cultural Issues Diversity literature and refereed journals for an article that you will comment on and discuss what your thoughts are about this academic article; will need to locate a strong scholarly article.

Attention please: It must be a strong scholarly article!!!!!

Respond posts

  1. In the article, “Thinking Ahead about Knowledge Work,” the author Holtshouse Dan, talks about a research that was conducted on two group of workers trying to find out what the different values and perspectives they have as the age group changes. The young group were millennials up to the age 25 and the second group included late millennials from ages 26 up to the age 40. What the researchers found out was that the younger group preferred life work balance along with a more cultural diverse group. They preferred networks and valued skills along with team work and exploration. The older group valued job security, retention, documentation and team work as well, but they preferred experience in the field.This article is interesting because it does not compare baby boomers and millennials; instead this article compares young millennials with older millennials in the work field. Something interesting about this is that the older millennials start to prefer experienced workers over new workers that are willing to learn. It seems like it is a norm in business to favor the experienced workers over the workers with potential. I think this is important because I know from personal experience, trying to find jobs and in the few that I have worked in, top management prefers to waste a minimal time and effort in training which leads to choose experience over potential. It is interesting to see that age diversity with in a generation starts to change the values in the work field.    
  2. This article found on Harvard Business Review presents a situation in which a team meeting turns aggressive and follows it with tips on how to diffuse or handle the situation. The meeting is held by the CEO and is presented to fifty of his senior managers where the discussion was on the potential buyout of the firm by a parent company. One of the senior managers raised a concern to the CEO that he was omitting a huge liability which in turn angered the CEO causing him to have a meltdown and yell, even use explicit language, at the manager. Author Grenny then goes on to provide the reader with 6 tips to diffuse or stop meltdowns. The 6 tips we are given are: own your part, offer safety, point out the default feature, talk about rules, change the pace, and refocus on agreement.

I chose this article because my theme for my individual topic is on aggressiveness and assertiveness. This article presented a realistic situation that happens daily and also presented realistic suggestions as to help stop and prevent situations like this from occurring. People in higher level management at times feel entitled and let emotions drive situations that turn aggressive in the workplace and those usually on the opposite end do not know how to handle it. The tips offered are things I can implement in my own workplace or future work environment if I ever come across aggressive situations.

Grenny, J. (2016, March 17). What to do if a conversation is turning loud and aggressive. Retrieved March 22, 2016, from Difficult conversations,


Title: Diversity Academic Blog
Length: 2 pages (580 Words)
Style: APA


Diversity Academic Blog

 The article by Diversity Blog whose title is “diversity in academic facilities: how to handle multicultural diversity addresses diversity in student populations specifically those studying high profile courses and are the future professionals. The article begins by giving the Kang and Hyatt postulates, who are two early scholars, which state that teachers in any academic setting have the responsibility of nurturing young scholars who are willing and ready to serve the diverse student populations in whatsoever locations they will be sent to (Anthony, 2016).


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