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Sociology 2 Pages

Diverse Lifestyles


Diverse lifestyles and discuss the impact on society, societal views or identify the patterns of teen sex and how sexual deviance is defined by society and globally.


Title: Diverse Lifestyles
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Diverse Lifestyles


For a given period, teenagers have been integrated thoroughly into the conceptions of age, development, and cohort. Teenagers have been identified as a group that is so distinct since they have unique experience and culture (Besharov, Douglas and Karen, 53-59). The well-known features of adolescents prove that, teen years are a period accompanied with behavioral and emotional changes. The period emphasizes more on the supposed inner war that teens experience as they fight the challenges accompanied with puberty and identity concerns. The characterization experienced by the teens when combined with, the drive reduction sexuality model, leads to volatile outcomes (Bay-Cheng, 61-74). From a biological point of view, the deterministic perspective complicate the theories that are dominant on sexuality, and define sexuality as an instinctual and intense drive that can overpower, especially if not checked by civilizing social mediators like morality and the laws.


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