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Disruptive Technology Solution That Will Solve An Outstanding Business Need In An Innovative Way.


 You are required to suggest a disruptive technology solution (e.g. mobile app) that will solve an outstanding business need or problem(s) in the business arena in an innovative way. You want to use a disruptive application to do something that is really cool like Shark Tank entrepreneurs! The project gives you a chance to show off your mastery and ability to integrate the different topics you have learnt in this class. For example see the sample project from a past student group that proposed solving the lack of parking spots in Boston using wireless/RFID technologies.

Requirement for ISOM 310 project

  1. Students will work in groups of threes.
  2. The first step is to identify a compelling problem/need that has not been met
  3. The second step is to suggest some disruptive IT applications that will solve this problem.
  4. The third step is to create a full fledged Information system ( detailed system diagram with database/software applications/ servers/network system) that should show how an actual system would look like
  5. You can choose from those we have studied in ISOM310 or from your own research.

Suggested Slides sequence

  • Slide 1 : Title Slide 
  • Slide 2: Define the problem/needs 
  • Slide 3: Give top level Summary solution 
  • Slide 4: Detailed Information system diagram/description 
  • Slide 5: Give typical specifications/cost of the system components (server model, operating system, software application, database system, network) 
  • Slide 6: Tabulate projected monthly costs ( fixed/variable/cumulative) and income (revenue sources/cumulative revenue) breakdown past the breakeven point 
  • Slide 7: Graphically determine/demonstrate the breakeven point /discuss implications 
  • Slide 8: Show how you are addressing various project/system risks. E.g. hacking.  
  • Slide 9: Closing the sale! - Make concluding remarks/sales pitch about  how wonderful your system is/ how it will give you a super competitive advantage and how it will revolutionize the world! 
  • Slide 10: Q & A  
  • Slide 11: References


Title: Disruptive Technology Solution That Will Solve An Outstanding Business Need In An Innovative Way.
Length: 2 pages (635 Words)
Style: MLA


Shark Tank Entrepreneurs

Finding parking slots in the big cities have become a major problem in the recent years. Traditionally, this was a problem associated with developed cities, but it is proving even more cumbersome to come by a parking space within the city centers of both medium and larger cities with the state. The expansion of the construction industry coupled with the multiplying number of cars elicited the parking menace extending it to the residential areas. As it is contemporary, parking is an approximately $28 billion industry in the United States and despite largely disjointed, it demonstrates developmental trends inclined geared towards amalgamation and outsourcing of parking operations and services. It is estimated that in the United States alone parking slots are between 200 and 700 million yet only 20 million of these slots are paid for. The notion of embracing technology to ease or manage to the park has been met with mixed reactions. In some parking facilities, growth and adoption of the electronic payment system are gradual while in some facilities in other streets, there have been appreciative eyebrows raised and this is attributed to the promising scenarios in parking convenience experienced by the customer (Delgadillo).


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