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Discussion Questions Data Visualization



  1. Identify the effects poor information might have on a data visualization project. 
  2. How does data visualization use database technologies? 
  3. How could a business use data visualization to identify new trends? 
  4. What is the correlation between data mining and data visualization? 
  5. Is data visualization a form of business intelligence? Why or why not? 
  6. What security issues are associated with data visualization? 
  7. What might happen to a data visualization project if it failed to cleanse or scrub its data?


Title: Discussion Questions Data Visualization
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Discussion Questions

Question #1: 

Poor information may impact on data visualization project by leading to the entry of the wrong data and information. When the wrong data has been entered, there is a possibility of committing technical errors and this may affect the entire project. Misinterpretation of data is also possible when poor information is entered in data visualization. In other words, the efficiency of data visualization is deterred by the entry of poor information in a data visualization project.


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