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You are the marketing manager of a large health care organization.Your State has been damaged by a natural disaster, resulting in a mass evacuation of 300,000 people, now living in temporary housings.

1 What services would you offer to these people?

2 What promotional strategies would you use to promote your organization's health care services to these people?

3 How will their financial situation affect your pricing plan?

What types of resources from your State could be utilized and included in your marketing plan?


Title: Discussion Board
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


As a marketing manager, I have the responsibility of liaising with other departments in the organization to come up with a solid plan to assist the affected (Liberman et. al, 2001). As an agency on behalf of the health care, we would advertise for donations for these people from well-wishers. Any money received would be used to buy food and construct suitable housing for all the people. We would liaise, doctors, to offer medical services to the people because they are prone to communicable diseases and they living conditions are poor. As a department, we would look for from advertising strategies to non-governmental organizations such as Red Cross to offer assistance in areas such as the distribution of resources among these people.


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