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 Discussion Activity - Shark Tank Episode and The Profit Episode
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Discussion Activity Shark Tank Episode And The Profit Episode


Shark Tank   (Links to an external site.)

The Profit   (Links to an external site.)

The assignment is to do a write up about each episode you watch.  Each episode is about 45 minutes long.  Each episode will be at least 1 page each.  Shark Tank will showcase 4-5 businesses so I want to see a write up about each business, and your thoughts as to what you would have done differently or how you would market the product, price point, distribution etc...  The Profit episode typically follows just one company per episode and has some drama to it, but focus on the concepts and see how marketing activities play a part in the whole process. Focus in on the 4 P's of Marketing in addition to the additional "P's" of People, Processes, Presentation.  All of it goes together to create value for the customer!


Title: Discussion Activity Shark Tank Episode And The Profit Episode
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA



Shark Tank

Shark Tank Season 7 Episode 24 talks hosts three sets of entrepreneurs with different business ideas and strategies for success. The first entrepreneur is a man with an innovative method that allows people to check the health of their pets with their mobile phones. The second set of entrepreneurs presented their idea of manufacturing and marketing hand-held surfing boards. The third set included two men with an idea that would allow female consumers to listen to music in a stylish way. All these people had different ideas that they presented to the sharks with a hope of obtaining the capital they required at a given stake to the sharks. While their ideas might be different, marketing ideas and ways normally adopt similar ideas.


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