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Agriculture 4 Pages

Discusion Questions


Read these three books’ Chapter 8, and answer these questions. You will be expected to write roughly two pages in answering these questions spending roughly the same amount of time/space on each chapter

Stuffed and Starved

Chapter 8 - Checking Out of Supermarkets

1) In 1916 through the 30s Piggly Wiggly changed the face of supermarkets leading to our current self-service system of shopping. Do you think a traditional grocery store, in the sense that you hand someone a list and they get your items for you, would be successful in today's society? Why or why not?

2) Chain supermarkets create a double edged sword for a vast majority of the population. Explain why this occurs (hint: Makhathini).

3) Discuss supermarket redlining and its relationship with food deserts.

Chapter 8 in Economics of Food:

1. What are the usual factors that have caused food prices to rise and fall in the past? Are these factors the only guilty parties?

2. What impacts did the sharp reduction in Chinese pork production have on food markets?

3. What is mad cow disease and how has it effected the beef market?

A Billion Dollars a Day Chapter 8 Questions

1) In Japan and Korea, why is food self-sufficiency more important than food security?

2) What are the three main elements of multifunctionality as described in agricultural markets?

3) How have the marketing boards through the twentieth century operated in New Zealand and Australia, and how have policy reforms changed agriculture in the most recent decade?


Title: Discusion Questions
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Chapter 8 Checking out of Supermarkets

  • Traditional grocery store and current self-service system shopping

The traditional grocery store cannot be successful in the today's society, and there are several reasons why the method of handing a list of times succeeds in the past. Firstly, the population was very small, and people doing shopping at ago were manageable. The number of persons has substantially increased today such that people go to do shopping in supermarkets in large numbers. Using the manual method, therefore, cannot be effective. Secondly, in the past, there were no technological breakthroughs as compared to today. Currently, several systems that ensure efficient self-service in supermarkets have been developed, for instance, the surveillance camera that monitors what the customers do in shelves thereby eradicating theft despite a large number of people being served at ago in today’s supermarkets. As such, the use of traditional methods cannot be successful in today’s world. Finally, computers are currently considered to be more accurate in the processing of transactions hence discrediting manual methods such as the use of lists.


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