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Disability Plans Discussion


In addition to replacing household income when an employee either retires or is no longer working, he or she may also carry some type of income-replacement plan in the event they become disabled. Does your current (or former) employer offer disability coverage for employees? What are the specifics of your coverage? Do you feel the need to purchase supplemental disability insurance? Why or why not? How do you value this benefit in relation to the entire benefit package and why?


Title: Disability Plans Discussion
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Disability Plans Discussion

My current employer offers disability coverage for employees as insurance for the people who are unable to work normally due to injuries or illness. There are two disability covers that are guaranteed to employees working in the organization such as short term and the long term disability package. In short term disability plan, our employer pays a portion of an employee’s compensation for several weeks they are going to be out of work because of either sickness, injury or childbirth. In long-term disability plan, employees are provided insurance cover over illnesses and injuries that have longer recovery periods.


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