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Dibs In Search Of Self


Axeline, Virginia M. (1964). Dibs In Search of Self. Ballantine Book. 

**Dibs In Search of Self is required for a project during the semester.**

In this project, you are expected to write a 5-6 page paper, examining the book. In your paper, you will cover the following:

  • What is the presenting problem? This means, what is happening with Dibs? How is he presenting? What are his symptoms? (6 points)
  • Should Dibs have a diagnosis? If so, what would your diagnosis for him be? Please elaborate; a Yes or No will not suffice! (6 points)
  • How would you choose to treat him? This means, would you use Directive vs. Non-Directive Play, Theraplay, what types of activities/interventions, would you involve his family in treatment, etc. Your activities and interventions should be creative and unique. Stating “doll house, or play dough” is not enough to gain full credit. (6 points)
  • -What would your goals for Dibs be? 

You must have AT LEAST 4 GOALS AND 1 OBJECTIVE FOR EACH GOAL. (7 points) (these goals/objectives can be written separately as bullets at the end)


Title: Dibs In Search Of Self
Length: 5 pages (1255 Words)
Style: APA


Dibs In Search of Self

What is the Presenting Problem? This Means, What is Happening with Dibs? 

Dibs was an almost the uncommunicative little boy. He did not play with other children in his preschool or at home; he would dare not communicate to his teachers or his parents about any issue except the scene or outburst. He did not do anything for himself except for sitting quietly and passively under tables or on the outside of the group, ignoring everything that went on. The parents' inability to handle Dibs resulted into his repeated lock-up experiences. He then expressed his depression about locked doors by opening and repeatedly closing all doors in the playroom's dollhouse and then relocking them.

Dibs has been described as an emotionally crippled young boy who faces a self- actualization or self-esteem problem. Some people may say that he suffers from an emotional or cognitive disorder. Despite signs of possessing a gift of high intelligence, Dibs exhibits the abnormal social behaviour of seldom talking or interacting with other people, shunning all physical contact with friends or family and the entire community. He values being away from others and sometimes reaches a point of attacking his classmates, or even teachers when they make an attempt at approaching him. The parents are wealthy and highly educated but are faced with the challenge of their' son's disorder. So they seek the help of a school therapist to help sought out their problem. 

Dr.Axline's interpretation of Dib's case explains that at a particular time Dibs could show retarded mindset and the extreme opposite by doing things quietly and quickly to show that he might have been possessive of high intelligence.


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