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Devotional Week Three Pay It Forward


We have all probably heard of the theory “pay-it-forward,” but have we put that into practice? Mims (2011) discusses the drama Pay it Forward in relationship to Ephesians 6:7.

How does this concept fit into a business setting? Is there any application? If so, how? If not, what do you think Ephesians is asking of Christian business people?

Mims, C. (2011). Pay it forward. Retrieved from:


Title: Devotional Week Three Pay It Forward
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Devotional Week Three

Pay it forward is a concept of compassion and show of kindness to others without asking for anything. It was a boy's idea, which brought a movement worldwide and encourages the startup of ripple effects by doing well and so on. The concept works for a person doing between one and three things for others and so the recipient pays it forward to someone else. According to Ephesians, Paul taught the Jews and Gentiles that God's grace is given to people so that they can pay it forward. It means that God's grace is not for own benefits alone but to be passed on to others. Pay it forward is also a charitable organization that encourages people through campaigns and other methods to do at least one good to others.


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