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Development And Training Of Nurses


Select an international healthcare policy issue and describe strategies nurses can employ to influence change. How can you “think globally,” but act locally to impact this specific international healthcare policy? Express your thoughts concerning healthcare policy and its application to professional nursing. 


Title: Development And Training Of Nurses
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Nurses are significant players in the global health. They are essential in ensuring a successful accessibility to quality and cost effective health care (Benton, 2012). Therefore, it is crucial in ensuring their development and training. In this light, the development and training of nurses should be addressed at an international level. This will help in addressing chronic problems like nurse shortages and working environment issues (VSOInternational, 2014).

Nursing shortages is rampant all around the world. The developed countries are no exemption; however, developed countries get nurses immigration as they offer better payment that their developing counterparts (VSOInternational, 2014). These leave developing countries with more severe health issues. Working conditions cause nurses to contract diseases rather that help in curing them.


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