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Developing Yourself As An Effective Team Member


Write an essay about how to develop yourself as an effective team member


Title: Developing Yourself As An Effective Team Member
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A team is a group of people with a set of complementary skills and knowledge required to complete a project, job, or task. Team members operate with high levels of interdependence. Furthermore, they share the responsibility for self-management. They are accountable for the collective performance of the team. Additionally, they work towards a common goal and enjoy shared rewards. Therefore, a team is more than a collection of people. Unlike a group, a team shows a strong sense of mutual commitment that creates synergy. In effect, it generates a greater performance than the sum performance of the individual members.

A team offers an organization a better way to regulate employees. It is made up of two or more people who work together to meet a common goal. In effect, a team offers an alternative to the traditional vertical chain of command. Further, it offers a more inclusive approach to organization in a business. At present, teams are becoming more common in the world of business. Remarkably, it leads to increased staff motivation and overall business productivity. Conspicuously, a team differs from an ordinary group. For instance, in an organization, work group refers to two or more employees who share information and develop decisions that help every employee in the group to achieve individual work goals. On the contrary, a team is composed of members who share information and take responsibility for their activities. In other words, members focus on synergy to help the team accomplish a common goal. Moreover, the collective goal matters more than the individual’s goal. 


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