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Deuses Motorcycles



Since childhood, your dream has always been to open a motorcycle dealership.  You have just graduated from college, and are ready to make that dream come true.  All you need is some money.

To obtain a loan from the bank, you need to present a business plan which details why you want the loan, and how you will make your business profitable.

Your assignment is to develop that business plan.


Using Microsoft Word, develop a one or two page plan which includes why you are seeking a loan, and how you expect to make money.  Your plan should include the type of dealership (BMW, Ducati, Harley, etc.), top selling bikes you may carry, and other details you want to include.


Title: Deuses Motorcycles
Length: 1 pages (344 Words)
Style: MLA




Deuses Motorcycles, (hereinafter “Business”) is a dealership whose intended formation is by a single owner. The business will be located at (INSERT ADDRESS). The business is seeking funding for the initiation and stocking of the business.

Business Description

The business will be a motorcycle dealership. The business will run under the supervision and management of one person.


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