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Description of organization
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Description Of Organization


Assume that you have been hired as a consultant to design a database system for a leading Company in Qatar/GCC. Assumption of company/Industry will depend on you with the approval of your course instructor. Your assumed company has thousands of customers who place orders. One customer can place an order for many products at a time, and any particular product can be ordered by many customers. The company wants to track all of the orders that are active at any given time. The company also wants the ability to find out, for any given customer, whether or not there are pending orders.

Project Requirements:

1. Give a description of the organization and the decision problem you are trying to solve. Explain business rules of the organization for customer order placement and tracking. (5 marks)

2. What type(s) of data will be needed as input into your decision making model. What will be the format of the required data and where will it come from? (E.g., financial data drawn from company sales transactions? Click-stream data from a website…). Define all data objects (entities) used in your proposed system. (5 marks)

3. Use suitable data model to manage the data. Create a UML, ERD, or any suitable diagram that presents a data model for this situation. Identify the cardinalities of each relationship-whether the relationship is one to one or one to many. Your diagram must show fully normalized relations (3NF). Then you need to create its associated relational tables (5 marks)

4. Explain how your proposed model assists a decision maker at the strategic, managerial or operational level? Will it help to predict something for decision makers? You need Perform at least 6 queries that summaries the key data in your project that support decision making process.

Explanation and justification for each query should be included. (5 marks)

Please note: To avoid being overly influenced by appearance, you will need to take a couple of days to complete this project responsibly. You might want to take a look at one or more articles on data management.

Presentations will be in December after submission of the report. Each student will have 8 minutes to present their research followed by 2 minutes for related questions. Your report should do justice to your findings and should not exceed 2,000 words, including diagrammatic representation wherever appropriate, and with appendices which are relevant, not merely weighty

Every student should provide a time frame (or Gantt chart) in proposal to highlight different milestones. The instructor has the right to check the performance of every student randomly based on the time scale of the submitted proposal.


Title: Description Of Organization
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
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Description of organization

CPS is a custom vehicle assembly company based in Qatar. It provides its customers with a wide range of differentiated options by combining car features to match the client's preference. Customers choose from a set of predefined vehicle features or create a custom combination of features and place their order on the company's website. Once the order is received, the company examines the configuration requested by the customer and assigns the order to an assembly unit closest to the customer's delivery location. The assembly unit then retrieves the required vehicle parts and assembles the vehicle. After the number of units required to fulfill the order have been assembled, the logistics team determines the most efficient way to ship the vehicle to the customer.


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