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Anthropology 1 Page

Describe The Forces Of Evolution, What You Understand From Them


This week you will only need to post an original post (don't worry about replies for this week only). Please provide detailed answers for the following questions:

A. In your own words describe each of the four forces of evolution, what you understand from them.

B. Why is the incidence of sickle-cell anemia an excellent example of a "balanced polymorphism," in which two or more alleles are maintained by natural selection in a population?

C. Why is a frameshift mutation far more likely to lead to a defective protein compared with a point mutation?

D. Explain how the founders effect can lead to a descendant population that differs greatly from its parent population over a relatively short period of time?

Some advice: while you will be using the book and internet for your answers, cite when needed, and make the posts your own. The temptation to plagerize and copy will be especially high this week. DO NOT DO IT.


Title: Describe The Forces Of Evolution, What You Understand From Them
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Week 2 Discussion 2

In your own words describe the forces of evolution, what you understand from them.

  • The forces of evolution are mutation,genetic drift, gene flow and natural selection.

Mutation is permanent change in the sequence of a DNA (genetic matter) as a result of random errors in replication. Mutation occurs during crossing over in the process of cell division when DNA replicates. There are two types of mutation, namely hereditary and somatic mutation (Stinson, Bogin, &O'Rourke 9).


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