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Descartes Ontological Argument


 Briefly explain Descartes’ ontological argument (textbook, pp. 55 – 57). In what way might existence be a perfection? Are there good reasons to believe that existence is a perfection, and that such perfection proves God’s existence? Explain your response.

In his Notebooks for an Ethics, Jean-Paul Sartre holds that when one prays to God, one is not asking God to make an exception for one. But what is one doing, then? And why would one have any reason to believe that God would answer one’s prayer?

Explain the dreaming argument and the evil genius argument in Descartes’ Meditations I and II. What is the one thing that remains certain even if both these arguments are correct, according to Descartes? Is Descartes correct in saying that this one thing remains certain? Explain your response.

What is the problem of evil? What are the problems that J.L. Mackie finds with the freewill solution to the problem of evil? Are there possible solutions to the problems that Mackie raises?


Title: Descartes Ontological Argument
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Descartes Ontological Argument

 Descartes' ontological argument stems from the struggle and efforts to justify the existence of God from simple premises. This is derived from a distinct and clear idea of a being that is supremely perfect. Descartes is certain to find an idea of God in him, the idea of a being that is supremely perfect. He claims to know that the external and actual existence belongs to the nature of this being. For that reason, existence cannot be separated from the essence of the Supreme Being. There is no conviction in the conception of God because the idea of a valley cannot be contradicted with that of a mountain.  That is a depiction of a supremely perfect being with particular perfection. In other words, the idea of God comes with the idea of existence because God is a perfect Supreme Being.


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