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Psychology 4 Pages

Depression And Suicide


Abnormal Psychology: Mood Disorders and Suicide

Written assignment, 25 points

You are going to find a case of a famous person who has committed suicide, and who suffered from a mood disorder.


1) An interview with the person before their death

2) A news report of the suicide

3) The section of the mood disorders chapter in the book that pertains to the famous person’s mental illness

4) A scholarly journal article on suicide and mood disorders (go to enmu library website, type in keywords suicide and mood disorders, select articles, select full text, find a good full text article). If you are outside of Portales, NM, I recommend going to Google Scholar website, type in keywords suicide and mood disorders, look for a good article that has free full text available, and use it. Full text articles on Scholar are located by looking to the far right of the article name, and there should be a link to a pdf or html article. Do not pay for articles.

After locating and reading the four items above, take good notes and assemble those to write a 4 page (minimum) paper on this topic (suicide, famous person, mood disorder).

4 parts of the paper:

1. Introduction to mood disorder that the person suffered from (in great detail)

2. Description of famous person and their mental illness (interview and news report about their death).

What symptoms are described in the interview and/or news report?

What method of suicide did they use?

Had they attempted before?

3. Analysis: Using the journal article on suicide and mood disorders, summarize the article, then tie the information in the article to the famous person’s case (in great detail)

4. Conclusion: Tie all of your ideas together from the previous 3 sections

Make a cover sheet and a References page in APA style (see OWL at Purdue website for information and samples of how to do this). These two pages do not count toward the 4 page minimum requirements.


Title: Depression And Suicide
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


Depression and Suicide


While depression and suicide are a common occurrence in the United States that claim the lives of several people on a yearly basis, the death of famous people from them normally attracts significant media coverage. One of the most prominent examples of a famous individual to have died by committing suicide is Marilyn Monroe. The death of the actress has been subject of extensive media coverage and investigation. By analysing a few of these reports and reading an interview the actress gave before her death, it becomes clear that she suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).


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