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Denver Healthcare Practises


MIS Case Study Guidelines

(NOTE: This updates & replaces the instructions in the syllabus)

Each chapter in your MIS textbook reviews various topics in Information Systems. Each chapter includes beginning and two closing case studies that analyze “real world” problems, opportunities and/or current trends in technology. Each student is responsible for preparing one case during the semester. 

Each student will first provide a brief overview of the case and organization(s). The main focus of this task is to research the technology and any management/marketing issues, as well as any recent developments related to that organization. In your presentation,. On the day that the case is assigned, typically the week after that chapter has been covered, as indicated on your syllabus, you are to present your case study findings to the class. Your Power Point presentation will include:

• Title, agenda slide

• Introduction, case overview/overview of companies

• Overview of the technology as related to the case

• Overview of any management/marketing issues

• Conclusion(s) and, where appropriate, recommendation(s).

• Bibliography/References slide will include at least TWO references including the textbook (you’ll need to do additional research on the technology or organization.)

• You must put your references in APA citation style. If you do not know how to do that, Google it, go the library web page or go to the Writing Center for help. In Word 2007, you can find APA citation help under References, Manage Sources

• Case questions and answers are required to appear at the end of the power point presentation; however, you do not have to go over them during your presentation in class unless you incorporate them into your presentation. While you must include both the case Q&A at the end of your slides (one question per slide please) feel free to incorporate some of the answers/topics into your presentation.

The presentation should be professional, no typos, not crowded, etc. It should be geared toward your classmates as the audience. Assume they did not read the case; also assume that “your audience” knows nothing about the technology that you’ve researched (even if you assume they do).

Please upload your PowerPoint presentation to Blackboard before the class that you’re scheduled to present. (otherwise the assignment is considered late; late assignments are reduced in grade). Please use the following file naming convention:

Name – Case (abbreviate as best you can)


Title: Denver Healthcare Practises
Length: 3 pages (872 Words)
Style: APA



            The health care organization operates an information system at its head quarters that oversees important issues and information about eh operations of the health care institution. This involves a stand by 911 emergency centers, as well as, a poisons and drugs center. This goes further to enhance the service delivery of the company especially when undertaking its daily operational activities. However, the company was experiencing massive losses in terms of time wastage, as related to the slow pace of login into the company systems, especially for doctors and nurses. The time taken before these physicians could log into the system and access the right information they require about the health and extent of the patient they are dealing with was two minutes. This time, generalized to cover the entire institution amounted to a massive $ 4 million in losses resulting from physicians lost time. As such, the health care institution has to come up with an amicable mechanism of eradicating this time wastage, and loses, by adopting a new technology that was fast and efficient in undertaking their operations (Maanen & Yates, 2001).


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