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Dennis Rader, Criminological Theory Or Theories That Support The Inception Of The Problems


Term Paper Instructions
DENNIS RADER – use this serial killer

Having completed the coursework for Criminology,
Tell me about a United States serial killer and the
Criminological Theory or Theories that
support the inception of the problems in their
lives; why they did what they did? Where in
their life did they show symptoms of the
problematic behavior? What did they say?
What did they do? Income level growing up?
Parents divorced or together? Everything you
can research and compile.

• The term paper will consist of a minimum of 4 and
a maximum of 8 typed pages (double-spaced),
with standard margins and twelve point font.
Cover pages and bibliography pages will not
count toward the page requirement, nor will
illustrations and or diagrams. A minimum of
five acceptable sources must be utilized in
the final paper.

• You must cite all of the sources that you use
when writing a paper. A citation is necessary
for any information that you paraphrase or
directly quote. If you do not have direct

personal knowledge of the information that you
use in the paper, then a citation is required. Be
sure to cite the source directly (Author’s last
name, year), and then list each source in the
bibliography. You can use either APA or MLA
format for citations and bibliographies; can be
found on the library’s home page. If you are
unsure, ask the instructor or librarian.
• Papers will be graded on spelling, punctuation,
grammer, organization of material,
development of topic, research and works
cited, and appropriate length. I have attached
a grading sheet outlines the complete term
paper grade. This grading sheet will be
detached from this packet and included with
your Term paper. The Term paper will be
graded and returned to each student prior to
the final exam.


Title: Dennis Rader, Criminological Theory Or Theories That Support The Inception Of The Problems
Length: 7 pages (2000 Words)
Style: APA




When the word ‘serial killer’ is mentioned, one thinks of the most notorious criminals

who engaged in brutal killings of innocent people. However, it’s quite impossible to think of the

serial killer as the church believer, family man who cares and provide for the family, the

President of the church loyal scout leader among other attributes. All those were the attributes of

America’s historical serial killer known as Dennis Rader. While Rader is remembered to have

possessed qualities attributes, he had one major dark secret which changed the rest of his life.

The secret he wasn’t willing to share with anyone was the secret of having fantasies about

torture, control and bondage which eventually led to murder.


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