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Explain the difference between drug decriminalization and drug legalization. Then write an essay either in favor of decriminalization or legalization or in opposition to it. Cite materials from your readings to support your position. In your essay, address the following:

  1. The difference between drug decriminalization and drug legalization.
  2. Arguments in favor of decriminalization/legalization of drugs.
  3. Arguments against decriminalization/legalization of drugs.
  4. Your position and why you take the position.

Please write in APA format to include the references


Title: Decriminalization/Legalization
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: APA



            In relation to drug policy, it is in the public domain that some states have minimized the criminal sanctions linked to possession of small amounts of certain drugs. Indeed, in the United States, an increasing level of interest has been given to the ever-rising marijuana arrests in the media. Worth noting is that many articles have mentioned that the rise in arrest rates happens despite unwavering use rates. Such a scenario has given rise to increased calls for review of the current criminal justice policies. More so, calls have been made regarding evaluation of drug laws with the view that doing so may reduce arrest rates. Altogether, drug policies have been in increased focus in recent times. This article looks into drug decriminalization plus legalization and how they may impact drug use.

Basically, decriminalization relates to establishment of policies which calls for an end to the application of criminal law in addressing personal drug use. In essence, decriminalization is associated with the exclusion of criminal sentences for the possession of particular drugs (for instance marijuana) for personal use. In addition, decriminalization may advocate for the elimination of criminal consequences for the possession of drug amounts to be distributed/shared without any remuneration of any kind. Generally, decriminalization means that an individual found in possession of drugs meant for personal use would not meet a criminal conviction. Rather, depending on circumstances, a person may receive a warning, reduced fine or be channeled to drug-awareness programmes and treatment classes (Adler et al, 2012).


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