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Deaths Related To Abortion


Deaths related to abortion


Title: Deaths Related To Abortion
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Abortion is one of the controversial topics related to death all over the world. It involves termination of the pregnancy so that a mother does not proceed to give birth and may be administered for several reasons. However, different groups in the societies hold varying views in support or objection of the practice. Most opponents argue that abortion is equivalent to killing because it cuts short the life of unborn child (Haney 5). Laws prohibit killing and the culprits would be prosecuted and put in prisons. Therefore, women that abort would be equivalent of murders and liable for actions of law. On the other hand, proponents provide several reasons for adoption of abortion. These include the argument that the unborn child may not have started their lives hence abortion is not comparable to killing (Schwarz, & Kiki 21). In addition, it may have more benefits to the women such as their health.Owing to these controversies, many governments have formulated laws that provide direction for procurement of abortion among the respective population. In this paper different perspective that may warrant or prohibit an abortion are highlighted.


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