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Management 6 Pages

Data Privacy In The Lodging And Hospitality Industry


5-7 page Essay on the hot topic of Data Privacy in the Lodging and Hospitality Industry.

Explain how this issue became a hot button issue for the industry.

Describe how the industry is responding to or adapting to this issue. Are there any industry associations that are taking a stand regarding this topic?

What is the industry doing to address this current hot topic? What could this mean to the future of the industry?

Thesis statement should be written in your introductory paragraph. This tells what the paper will be about. It basically answers the question that the rest of your paper is developing and exploring. The body of the paper should develop and support that thesis statement, using valid industry and academic resources. 

Include specific industry references and examples to reinforce your points, include at least one industry professional organization (such as the National Restaurant Association, American Hotel & Lodging Association, or the U.S. Travel Association). 

Finish up by describing how this issue could continue to influence or affect the industry in the future; how will the industry handle this issue going forward?


Title: Data Privacy In The Lodging And Hospitality Industry
Length: 6 pages (1737 Words)
Style: APA


Data Privacy in the Lodging and Hospitality Industry

A wide array of businesses falls under the hospitality industry. These businesses have dedicated a huge amount of financial resources as well as time to collect data and information relating to their business as well as their customers. These volumes of data have helped them to improve sales, customer loyalty and ensure that their operations are carried out effectively and efficiently in order to retain their customers. Use of sophisticated information stems connected to databases has made it easy to manage large volumes of data. These systems used by many businesses in the industry have however been prone to attacks and breaches.

Among other moral dimensions of the information age, privacy has largely been compromised since most of the data provided by the customers is highly sensitive. This requires adequate measures to be put in [place to ensure that this personal data which includes credit card details, as well as residential locations of customers, is facing risks from constant malicious attacks by hackers and crackers through the internet. Most of the companies in the industry have however not upgraded their systems to the required standard that ensure the privacy of data is maintained. As a result, such companies have had to suffer financial losses. The hospitality industry has been a preferred target for criminals looking for large transaction volumes, large databases of customer records and low barriers to entry.


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