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Data Management In The Cloud


Research and write a report on: Data management in the cloud. 

Report Criteria, ensure you include the following:
  1. Background and purpose of Research topic.
  2. Review of appropriate literature include at least 6 references, research papers or journal articles.
  3. Justify your comments on issues discussed, and present evidence to support your arguments.
  4. Include appropriate conclusion.

Title: Data Management In The Cloud
Length: 7 pages (2000 Words)
Style: Havard


Recently, the paradigm of cloud computing has been receiving attention in the academic and media cycles. Some skeptics view cloud computing as a marketing strategy that encompasses topics like software-as-a-service (SaaS), grid computing, and utility computing. Notwithstanding, several firms today specialize in the provision of cloud computing infrastructure services and products not wholly resembling these particular topic components. It can be speculated that decision support system, large data analyst functionalities, and specific application data marts benefit from cloud computing management platforms as compared to transactional and operational database systems (Agrawal et al., 2011). 

The exact definition of cloud computing is still debatable. However, most IT experts unanimously agree that the platform’s vision is to shift computer storage, software delivery, and processing away from local servers and desktop into second generation data centres that large corporations like Google and Microsoft hosts. Cloud computing revolutionalises Information Technology, thus freeing business entities from investments in computer hardware and security personnel. Instead, they spend a fraction to plug into highly reliable and powerful systems over the internet.

Cloud data management technologies emerge to replace old technologies of data storage even as the utilization of cloud computing applications and services increase.  Database as a Service (DaaS) and cloud database platforms are currently the most viable options especially for corporations focusing on augmentation in-house cloud databases. Therefore, there are multiple benefits of incurring expenses in cloud data management. Some of these include significant reduction of system maintenance costs and capital expenditures. Besides, a cloud system that is managed constantly speeds up deployments of technology. 


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