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Daemonic Theme In Films


Choose two movies from the list, and two movies from your own choice. Analyze/summarize the movies and connect them together then connect them to DAEMONIC which is the main theme.

The movies you need to choose by your own need to have some DAEMONIC. Keep this as simple as possible.

  • Violent and sex
  • Lotila
  • Bram stoker dracula 
  • The king
  • Creasy love
  • Strange culture

Title: Daemonic Theme In Films
Length: 7 pages (1925 Words)
Style: MLA


Daemonic Theme in Films


For every film, there is always the communicated theme that the producers and directors always have in mind. However, some of the themes, such as the daemonic theme may have hidden meanings making the viewers' job to understand and interpret on top being entertained. The themes may also link thus letting the film have several themes, which can be as many as the reviewer needs them (Ellis 13). Producers use the demonic theme in films that contain evil and possessive forces, which take control of individuals leading them to act in a certain way. The forces in this case are usually very mysterious in nature. This


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