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Current Issue Research


Choose a current issue in local, national, or international news.

Write an editorial piece explaining the issue and offering your opinions and any solutions you can think of that may apply.

You’ll need to thoroughly research the issue at hand in order to provide a solid explanation of the issue, as well as informed opinions and solutions. 

You must be sure to provide an appropriate context for the issue you choose; the audience needs to understand why this is a problem that deserves consideration and why you feel your solutions can affect it.


Title: Current Issue Research
Length: 2 pages (635 Words)
Style: APA


Current Issue Research

It is so unlikely that racial discrimination continues being a problem in the society even in the modern century. One would imagine that racism only exists between the civilians but not in the government. However, the current study of racism in the federal police department has revealed shocking details of how the police officers are biased against the blacks. The number of blacks suspected and arrested for a criminal offense is higher than that of the blacks (The New Zealand Herald). This also applies to those stopped by the traffic police. This paper gives a combination of research and personal opinion on the issue of racism in the federal police department.


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