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Cultural Analysis


Think about the audience you've chosen to address and about what impact you want to have. Imagine them as a friendly but skeptical audience, willing to be persuaded by a reasonable argument. Perhaps they are familiar with the topic you have selected but less conscious of its implications than they realize. Can you show them new connections and interpretations? Can you give them a new perspective?

Next, gather information about your subject. What aspects of cultural symbolism or dynamics are the audience asked to identify with, and how are its characteristics embodied in the topic? What do most people seem to think about the topic? What else might it mean? Try to remain open as you gather more information about your subject: consider its parts; look at details; compare a variety of examples of it; look for evidence about the causes and effects of images; consider contrasts too. Think also about similar practices or artifacts in the culture and common factors that might account for them as well. Then, think about how this information can help you shape a thesis—an interpretation you wish to argue.


As you develop you argument, start with the questions you have about the topic. Consider also questions that the audience may ask; decide how your responses can be organized around a particular claim and support for that claim. Try to assess the strengths of your evidence and the changes or modifications your thesis may need.


Title: Cultural Analysis
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: APA


Cultural Analysis

            When talking about cultural analysis, many things come up in one’s mind in the process of trying to unravel the meaning of the term. Literature presents the issue of culture in many diverse ways. Essentially, culture relates to modes of life that a specific group of people within a society identify with in their daily living. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have an insight to some of the questions that people ask themselves concerning that cultural analysis entails before trying to evaluate the concept from all angles in the literary world. Whenever one is carrying out an analysis on culture, there are critical questions that raise a lot of concern. Thus, this makes it critical for the writer to consider such questions for the sole purpose of enhancing some levels of effectiveness in the communication of the intended message.


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