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Cross Cultural Businesses And The Hr


Analyze factors that may drive cross-cultural business alliances.

What role if any should the 5Cs play in considering a cross-cultural business partnership?

Do any of them weigh more heavily on the decision to form the partnership? Why or why not? Explain your reasoning.

In cross-cultural partnerships, how can HR advise the C-suite prior to an agreement?

Bearing in mind the Gupta and Wang article and your own research, what
specific advice would you, as an HR executive, give to the C-suite of a
U.S. company considering a partnership with a Chinese firm?

Evaluate the role of HR in partnering decisions.

Should HR specifically recommend partnerships, or simply perform due diligence prior to an agreement?

What specific types of information relative to potential partners should HR assess and share with the C-suite?


Title: Cross Cultural Businesses And The Hr
Length: 3 pages (945 Words)
Style: APA


Cross-Cultural Businesses and the HR

Businesses conducted between people across borders or people from different cultures can be referred to as cross-cultural businesses. There are several factors that drive the cross- cultural business alliances. The factors include; religion and ethical systems, public policies and legal frameworks, language, and work motivation among others. Different ethical systems and religious beliefs help people engaging in cross-cultural businesses to shape their behaviors in the business (Hurn & Tomalin 2013). The legal frameworks in a particular country also affect the business practice in the particular country. Language is also a factor to consider because it might affect the communication flow during the management and operation of the cross-cultural business.


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