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Critique Of Systematic Research Review (Srr)


1. Describe the relevance of the nursing research problem addressed in a Systematic Research Review to practice.

2. Critique the levels of evidence of the studies used in the Systematic Research Review, specifically the designs of the studies included.

3. Critique the clarity with which the studies are presented and critiqued.

4. Describe the overall findings of the studies, as summarized in the Systematic Research Review.

5. Critique the conclusions of the Systematic Research Review, with implications for your current practice and future research.


Title: Critique Of Systematic Research Review (Srr)
Length: 4 pages (1174 Words)
Style: APA


Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing

The research problem addressed in the following systematic research review is, the contributions of evidence based practices in nursing. The research question under review is relevant in the field of nursing in that id dictates to a large extent the quality of health care given to patients. This practice was introduced in nursing as a recommended solution for poor quality of care giving in the society and health facilities. It is the care given to patients that influence the impact of the administered medication. Since the health of the people is of great essence to the world, then the relevance of this research question is immense. 

Evidence-based practices in nursing refer to the use of the best option in administering health care following carefully evaluated evidence. The evidence is gotten from highly evaluated researches. Therefore, the evidences provided maximum positive effect to the patient. The processes usually involve the consideration of all the outcomes surrounding the administration of a given practice following evidence. For it to be approved, the evidence has to prove as the most viable and advantageous of all the other existing options. Evidence-based practices therefore aims at making the objectives of nursing clinched in the best way possible.


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