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Crisis Intervention


Provide your own experience on how  to educate young population (meaning in general terms, because I cannot  assume that all of you have kids), to manage any type of crisis in the sometime hostile environment called school. How would you prepare, advise, guide, supervise, and follow up a crisis in a school. How would you avoid/detect suspect suicide thoughts in a child or teenager.


Title: Crisis Intervention
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A CRISIS IS A TURNING POINT                                                              2

A crisis is a turning point; a complex time of disagreement, confusion even suffering. Intervention is mainly aimed at psychotherapy as crisis breed mental, physical even emotional distress; leading to drug abuse and ultimately suicide.

Through education, a crisis can be avoided. Creating awareness and counseling are the basic ways to curb the crisis. During these awareness programs, the involvement of parents goes a long way. These not only helps control distress in school but at home too. Sometimes problems are from home and are carried forward to schools.


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