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Communications 6 Pages

Crisis Communications


Please read the book: (chapter 1-18)

Fink, Stephen. (2013). Crisis Communications: The Definitive Guide to Managing the Message. McGraw-Hill: New York.

Pick a current crisis event (September 1, 2014 to now) and give an overall summary of the event and then RELATE THE CRISIS to the chapter lessons and concepts that we have discussed up to that point in the class. You must relate the components of your chosen current event topic to a MINIMUM of TEN components previously discussed in class. You can relate the current event to the entire book. Please highlight the 10 components for me so that way I can easy to check. Please base on the book to write the paper. I don't need any outside sources unless you use that sources to get the information for the current event.


Title: Crisis Communications
Length: 6 pages (1699 Words)
Style: APA


Crisis Communications

Individual, company or a country, in general, should avoid making a similar mistake that had earlier caused a downfall of another. Besides, when one is faced with an already difficult crisis, it is better to avoid making it worse through poor communication. During the time of crisis, it is advised that an individual, a company or a country should be honest about the situation. This is because, the truth will eventually come out and once the public learns that they were misled, the image and the reputation of the government or a company is likely to be destroyed.

In his book, Steven Fink uses his experience and expertise in crisis communication to assist an individual, a corporation or a country when reporting a crisis. Fink stresses out the need to protect the existing relationship with the public, perception, and reality, select the best candidate to spread out the information about the crisis, protect your product and image through crises period, make wise, vigilant, and defensible decisions under extreme crisis-induced stress, be honest when giving out the information, and make good use of the media to reach out to the public directly when communicating about the crisis. Consequently, the government has a duty of preparing and training the communicator of the crisis information to the public. The book provides with information that can ensure a moral crisis communication procedure.Crisis Communications offers proactive and preventive methods for preempting potential crises


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