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Criminal law 2 Pages

Criminological Theory Paper


Describe the relationship between crime and law.

Discuss how crime is measured.

Explain how the consensus model and the conflict model differ from each other.

Select a model of criminological theory and describe its characteristics. Do you think the criminological theory model you selected in this paper is valid? Why or why not?


Title: Criminological Theory Paper
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


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Criminal law is a system that deals with the crime of harming individuals intentionally while civil law deals with private disagreements between parties. Without strict prosecution of the law, crime cannot be effectively avoided. The relationship between civil law and criminal law is that they are both are used as a mechanism to control the behavior and protect the welfares of people and property. Civil law is usually private whereby the violations of civil law are settled between the parties involved.


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