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Criminal Law Questions


Write 2 paragraphs for each question

What are duties of a Victim-Witness advocate?  Are they an asset to the victim?

Explain the differences between the restorative justice model and the traditional criminal justice model.  

What areas can law enforcement improve upon when interacting with victims? 

Do you believe that the Uniform Crime Report and National Crime Victimization Surveys provide accurate measurements of crime and victimization?  Why or why not?   

What specific victim assistance programs or restorative processes are most beneficial in helping victims of crime move through the trauma of victimization?  Which reduce secondary victimization by the criminal justice system?  Do you believe that these programs, if available, are being implemented and considered a priority?


Title: Criminal Law Questions
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: APA


Criminal Law Questions

Question One

The victim-witness advocates are professionally trained to support the crime witnesses and victims. They ensure that the rights, protection and services of the witnesses and victims are guaranteed under the law. The sole role of the advocates is oversee that the witnesses and victims receive justice. Apart from these roles, the advocates must also make sure that all their clients (victims and witnesses) are treated with fairness, compassion and dignity. Advocates, therefore, aid in stabilizing lives by tending to the emotional needs of their client. They do this by addressing the safety concerns. In most scenarios, the victims and witnesses are not aware of the criminal justice process. Their advocates help them in familiarizing with the process by guiding them through. In this way, the victim-witness advocates contribute largely towards people's lives and remain as indispensable members of the prosecution team.


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